Hanna Somatics with Sue

For me, discovering Hanna Somatics was a profound experience. Like many people before me, I found Hanna Somatics to be the “missing link” in my movement education, because it integrates the brain’s ability to make a permanent change in muscle length and integrity. So, learning how to “pandiculate” my body (which is what you do in somatics--it means move gently and intentionally into and out of muscle and fascial tightness, then sensing the changes to integrate the brain). It’s what animals do 30-40 times a day. There is a really fascinating article that describes stretching versus pandiculation by a Hanna Somatics professional:

If you would like to read more about Hanna Somatics, take a look at my teacher Martha Peterson’s website:

Classes & Workshops

I teach a monthly full-body focused Somatics workshop at Clear Moves Studio in Northeast Portland. I also teach workshops that blend somatics and yoga at Pacific Northwest Pilates in Southwest Portland. Currently, I am not teaching a weekly somatics class. Click here for more information on workshops.

Private Sessions

I work with quite a few private clients exclusively on somatics. I have found that working one-on-one in this way leads to deep and profound results. Somatics is a really wonderful, accessible and reliable way to reduce pain. Often, I combine somatics to unwind and repattern the body, then pilates to stabilize. Click here for more information on private sessions.