Pilates with Sue

I am a fully certified STOTT Pilates™/® instructor, with an added emphasis on rehabilitative Pilates. There are many different styles of Pilates, just like yoga. Some styles are more fitness based (the kind you see on infomercials), and some are more able to be used to rehabilitate injuries.

STOTT Pilates™/® can be broken down to the tiniest piece of movement for rehab, or amped all the way up to challenging an elite athlete. I am very fortunate to teach at Pacific Northwest Pilates, the Pacific Northwest’s premier STOTT Pilates™/® studio. Our instructors keep abreast of the latest findings and trends, the result being a highly creative, supportive and innovative atmosphere.

Group Pilates Classes

I teach weekly pilates classes for both mat and reformer on Wednesdays and Fridays at noon. Click here for more information on weekly classes.

Private Pilates Sessions

As someone who works with my own pilates instructor on a weekly basis, I can state truthfully: there is nothing else quite like a one-on-one session. The value of working on your own particular needs is truly invaluable. I teach 18 private sessions each week, and have training in all of the pilates equipment. Click here for more information on private sessions.